Complaints Process

Have a Complaint!

We sincerely apologies, and if you could get in touch with us right away, our staff would be happy to help in any of the convenient ways:

Contact us to request a “FREE COPY” of our complaints procedure.
We are here to help in our ongoing efforts for continuous improvement.
If there is a problem with one of our services, we try to fix it as soon as we can.

Following receipt of your notification, we’ll make every effort to address your problem within ten working days. Within 24 hours of receiving your initial notification, we will keep you informed of the complaint number and date received. If the issue is not resolved within ten working days, you will receive a fortnightly update via email or your preferred method of contact. You may also get in touch with us at any time during these times.

However depending on the type of issue, it can and may take a little longer, therefore if we have not been able to resolve the issue within eight weeks, or we cannot come to an agreement that satisfies a way forward with you, we will unfortunately have to register this as a ‘deadlock’, in which case we will write to inform you of this and that you have the right to pass your complaint to the Ombudsman Services: Energy Broker “Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme” (ADR), who are there to help resolve disputes between energy brokers and their customers.

The Ombudsman’s services are a “FREE SERVICE” to utilise, and they are absolutely impartial toward any energy provider or broker. They do not take sides, and all of their rulings are based only on the data they receive directly from customers like you and records supplied by brokers.

You are not required to accept the Ombudsman Services: Energy Broker “Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme” (ADR) decision after it has been made, but if you do, we shall abide by it.

The decision provided may include but not limited to:

  • An apology,

  • Explanation into how things occurred and possible resolution,

  • Resolving the issue,

  • A goodwill gesture or compensation.


Unsure of your rights as an Energy Consumer?

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